Development Consulting

PRERANA recognizes that knowledge sharing and learning from one another is key to solving complex problems in the rural community development landscape. For example, sustainability standards and certifications are voluntary, usually third party-assessed, norms and standards relating to environmental, social, ethical and food safety issues, to be adopted by companies and/ or producers to demonstrate the performance of their organizations or products in specific areas.

PRERANA has in-house team of experts having extensive experience in the training, research and implementation of various sustainability standards and provides cutting edge expertise and consulting advice on a broad range of rural and urban community development, environmental management, women’s empowerment and poverty alleviation domains.

Key focal areas of consulting expertise are – Value Chain Development, Capacity Building on Enterprise Development, Market Linkages, Trainings in Fairtrade Practices, Organic Agriculture, Fairtrade Certification, Developing Rural Enterprises from ground up, Forest Management and Project Planning, Eco-development and Joint Forest Management activities.

PRERANA has a panel of international and domestic experts in the domains of Forest Management, Agricultural Economics, Environmental Economics, Gender and Development, Financial Inclusion, Enterprise Development, Fairtrade Practices, Eco-tourism and Eco-development, has supported a wide range of projects across the country and facilitated their sustainability standard certifications.